Let's Care Now Campaign - Community Input Survey
On July 21, 2020, Council approved recommendations put forward by administration about reducing speeding and dangerous driving in COTTFN.
The recommendations are:
1. To finalize the location of speed reduction measures – Public Works Director, Police Portfolio, and Chief
2. To acquire and install speed deterrent equipment – Public Works Director
3. To allow the communications coordinator to move ahead with the Let’s Care Now Campaign – Communication Coordinator with community input

The first step of this campaign will be gathering community feedback on what this campaign should include.

The second step will be the implementation of those recommendations.

All opinions are appreciated, but please keep your comments tactful and respectful.
Please provide your first and last name. Names will not be given to Council or any other administration staff. Names are required to ensure that only COTTFN community members are filling out the survey. Surveys submitted without a valid name will be deleted. If you don't feel comfortable leaving your name, please exit the survey. *
What does road safety mean to you? *
What does community responsibility for road safety mean to you? *
How do we get people driving in COTTFN to take road safety seriously? *
What can you do as a community member to contribute to road safety and encourage others to do the same? *
What does the Nation need to do to help keep the roads safe in Chippewa? *
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