7-Day Busy Mama Bootcamp: May 22-28
This Mother's Day, do something for YOU! Busy mamas, I know your struggle. How in the world do you have time to take care of your kids, clean the house, work, take care of your husbands, cook a healthy meal for the family, and get to the gym to take care of yourself? Even typing that is exhausting!

In my proven monthly bootcamps, I focus on helping busy women and moms fit fitness and nutrition into a busy and hectic schedule. I will teach you some tricks for fitting it all in and carving out that time for yourself. Its important to remember that we can't pour from an empty glass. We must take care of ourselves first - even though that is not always our first instincts as busy moms.

In this free 7-day bootcamp, I will share a family friendly meal plan, help you learn a few healthy meal prep hacks for a busy schedule, and teach you how to fit effective and results-based workouts in that you can do right at home - even with kids in tow.

It is my goal that at the end of the week you will be well on your way to defining a little "me" time and have a new routine to give you the results you want, whether that be to increase your energy level, reduce unhealthy cravings, lose a few pounds, tone up for summer, or to just feel all around better.

I am so excited to work with you during this bootcamp!

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The Program
This bootcamp will use workout routines from Beachbody on Demand, led by trainers such as Shaun T, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, and Autumn Calabrese. We will also introduce you to Beachbody's new Kids and Family Collection for those days when you have a little one by your side while you are trying to get your workout in. We will focus on short workouts, averaging about 30 minutes so that you can squeeze them into your busy schedule. I will provide you with a calendar of suggested routines, but your participation in the bootcamp will provide you with access to over 500 individual workouts so you will have variety to find the best fit.

Beachbody on Demand is basically a Netflix for workout programs. You can stream workouts on your computer, through an app on an apple or android device, Roku or Apple TV, or any device with a web browser.

In order to participate in this bootcamp, I will ask that you register for a 30 day free trial of Beachbody on Demand. After you submit your application, I will send you the instructions for how to set up your free account as well as how to cancel it at the end of the bootcamp, or end of the 30 days if you are loving it.

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A little about Shakeology
I drink Shakeology every day and I attribute it to playing a huge role in losing 18 pounds since I finished nursing my daughter. Since becoming a health and fitness coach, I have learned a lot about nutrition that I didn't know before, even though I always tried to eat "healthy." The most important is that most Americans are overfed but undernourished, which attributes to a lot of our overall health issues. Shakeology has been a huge help for me in that it helps reduce my unhealthy cravings, has a pre and probiotic for digestive health, contains my daily multivitamin, and the protein and amino acids I need for my muscles to recover from working out. It is not a protein or meal replacement shake. It is definitely a whole health shake. Shakeology is not a requirement for participating in this challenge but you do have the opportunity to sample it if you wish.
Would you like to add a 3-day supply of Shakeology for $15? *
These are my results from bootcamp. I went from being a new mom who didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, couldn't fit in my clothes, and just felt tired and worn out, to feeling so much healthier and energetic and confident enough to share these photos with all of you. These results took small but consistent changes in my routine and I can't wait to help you get that after picture you've been wishing for. #redefiningthemombod
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What's next?
Once you submit this application, you will receive a couple different things from me. I will send you an email with directions for how to get started with your trial of Beachbody on Demand. You will also receive an email from Beachbody inviting you to join the bootcamp on the My Challenge Tracker app. This is where you will find all of the content from the group starting on May 22nd.

If you are interested in sampling a 3-serving packet of Shakeology, I will be in touch with you by email regarding getting them shipped to you. This is a really great way to sample these superfoods without investing financially before you know if you'll love them.

I am so looking forward to having you for this Busy Mama Bootcamp. If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me at elizabethwalenfitness@gmail.com

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