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Thank you for taking the time to vote in the MoreThanThat Halloween Writing Contest! You will help select the Reader's Choice, who will win an Office enamel pin and a Jim & Pam art print!

Voting rules:
* Voting is open to registered users of the MTT archive. (Register here join.mttjustonce.net)
* One vote is allowed per user. If for any reason you want to change your vote after you submit, you can contact us at MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com
* Please read all 8 contest entries so you can make an informed decision! Find them here: halloweencontest.mttjustonce.net
* If you are one of the 8 authors in the contest, you may vote, but no voting for yourself!
* This is a secret ballot, authors and other voters will not see who voted for whom. During the voting period, please refrain from publicly stating who you voted for (such as in reviews or the shoutbox)
* No ballot stuffing! If anyone is suspected of registering more than once in order to submit multiple votes, all suspicious votes will be tossed. If any contest author is suspected of doing this or of coordinating ballot stuffing efforts, their entry will be disqualified.

Now onto voting! Voting will be open until 11:59pm Pacific Time, Wednesday November 14th
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There are 8 entries. Most are fairly short so we'd highly appreciate if you take the time to read them all before you vote. Find all the entries here: halloweencontest.mttjustonce.net
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we just wanna make sure you actually read it ;-) votes that don't match will be tossed out
Optional: Contest Feedback
If you have any comments or concerns about this Halloween contest, or ideas/suggestions for future contests at MTT write them here.
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Also Optional: Ideas for a Christmas Event at MTT?
We are thinking about having some kind of Christmas event at MTT for December. We want to do something that is simple and that everyone, readers and writers alike, can participate in. We have a few ideas, mostly some kind of digital card exchange or Secret Santa, but we want to hear from you! So please write any quick ideas you have here, or if you come up with something later contact us.
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