Will you be the world’s next agent of change for sustainability? If yes, you are the one that we are looking for!

Experience two (2) weeks real-life educational opportunity on sustainability transition in the 2nd Summer School in Food Security and Climate Change.

Date: 14th – 28th July 2018
Venue: Universiti Putra Malaysia (Malaysia)

What will be covered?
The first week of the summer school will be carried out in the highly interactive study environment where it combines lectures, case studies and group discussion conducted by a group of prominent speakers. Not only the classroom setting, you will also get to enjoy the outdoor activity at UPM Reserve Forest as part of the learning experience.

The second part of the program will give you the opportunity to experience a field trip where you will learn 'by doing'. You should be able to apply the theoritical and empirical knowledge gained in the first week.

A short excursion to palm oil mill plant is included in the program as well. At the end of the program, you will be awarded with a certificate and course credits that can be transferred to home university.

Application deadline for 2nd MS FSCC Summer School is June 1, 2018.
Participation fee: USD700.00

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