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Medmastery is committed to equipping healthcare professionals with the knowledge and information needed to fight COVID-19. Knowledge is power. The need for accurate, up-to-date information is vital in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to support this need, Medmastery has opened its educational platform, providing full course group subscriptions free-of-charge for 6 months to hospitals and health systems treating or planning to treat COVID-19 patients. This will provide you and up to 20 of your colleagues access to all of our courses.

Who should apply: Department Heads, Unit Leaders, System Educators, Residency Directors, and others working within health systems, universities, hospitals, or other organizations, who are leading teams treating, educating or planning to treat COVID-19 patients. PLEASE NOTE: Because each group membership comes with 20 individual slots for members, we want to ensure each group slot is used by members of your team. If you are not leading a Department, Program or Unit, we kindly ask you to share this information with your supervisor and encourage them to apply for your Department, Program or Unit. If it appears others from your Department, Program or Unit within your Institution have applied, we may reach out to help clarify any possible duplication and maximize access.

How to apply: To apply for a group subscription, please complete the form below in its’ entirety. The name of your department and the department address are especially important to us in completing your application. Thank you for your interest in this program. We are very excited to support your work through this offer!

A Message from our CEO and Founder Dr. Franz Wiesbauer:
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