Twin Oaks Summer Gatherings
for interested communards to indicate that they want to or plan to attend Twin Oaks Gatherings
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Community affiliation(s)
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Which events do you want to attend?
Additional information
Let us know anything that will help us get as many of you to come as possible!
Where will you be in August?
I want financial assistance
Could you drive and put multiple people in your car? Tell me about your driving route and schedule, & how flexible it is.
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Do you have any special needs we'd need to know about? (I get carsick, I need an indoor place to sleep during the conference...)
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If you want to attend more than one conference, would you go back in-between, or do you need housing in Louisa? (at Acorn, Twin Oaks, or Cambia)
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Prioritizing information
if we end up with 50 people who need financial help, we'll use this information
Have you ever been to a Twin Oaks conference before?
Have you visited the Louisa communes before?
Are you excited to be on a panel of FEC members that people can ask questions for an hour during the conference?
How would you feel about sitting around at the FEC booth and making it look like a fun place?
Is there a special reason that you want to go?
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