CLPC PNC Suggestion Form
Friends, your help is needed! Please use this form to suggest members of CLPC to serve on the Pastor Nominating Committee, the group charged with discerning who will serve as our congregation’s next installed pastor.

Session has created a committee tasked with preparing a slate of candidates for the PNC, using recommendations and nominations from the committee as well as the congregation. This committee, the PNCSC (Pastor Nominating Committee Search Committee), kindly requests your thoughts on qualified candidates to serve. You can nominate someone else or yourself. Please consider character, Christian faith, integrity, time commitment (the PNC will meet weekly for about nine months), and other factors.

The PNCSC will consider the above factors, in addition to diversity in age, gender, and service attended to ensure fair representation on the PNC.

Please note: these responses will be shared ONLY with the PNCSC. Suggested candidates will not be informed who nominated them.

You can also complete a form in person (they are available in the office), or speak to any member of the PNCSC.

Thank you!


Carson Brown, Gordon Coffman, Barb Pappalardo

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