The "Sweet 16" NYC Red Dress Run!
Please enter your information here in order to get your laminated nametag, t-shirt, and maybe some other crap.
To pay, please send $40 via PayPal to ""
Hash Name: (this is what is going to be on the laminated name tag) *
"Batman" / "Cums at Knight", etc, or "Just Bruce" if you don't have a hash name. For "Bruce" put your actual first name, idiot
Nerd Name:
Bruce Wayne
Home Kennel: *
NYCH3 (If you are part of some smaller "I can't be arsed with my city's main kennel" thing that isn't the CUNTH3, please spell it out, don't just put 'BRDH3' or whatever, k?)
E-Mail Address: *
What size t-shirt would you like? *
I am looking to attend the following events:
Do you need crashspace?
(There *IS* crash space in New York, and plenty offered by people who easily put out, but the longer you wait the less chance you'll have with either)
Clear selection
Can you PROVIDE crash space?
Clear selection
If you CAN offer crash space, please enter some details about what you can offer and who you can host
"I can host two hashers - one person of either sex can sleep on my blow up mattress, another can sleep on my couch, but it would be helpful if they both already had herpes. Oh, I am also a crazy cat person so they should be comfortable with waking up with strange hairs on their face", etc
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