2020 Australian Skateboarding Survey
This Annual Survey aims to provide skateboarding organisers and industry leaders with valuable information to continue to drive skateboarding in the directions the community needs.

All Results are published online and anonymous, so feel free to provide whatever information you feel is relevant.

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Australia has a number of event organisers now, what aspects of skateboarding do you feel you would like to see at skateboarding events? *
Do you feel there is enough events happening where you live? *
At skateparks near you, which of the following do you think is most urgently needed at these facilities? *
How do you feel about skateboarding being in the Olympics? *
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Do you feel like brands and retailers are supporting skateboarders *
Which brands or retailers do you believe are supporting skateboarding well?
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If you have dealt with any skate schools, event organisers or community groups, which ones do you believe are leading the way in supporting skateboarding?
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Are there any organisations you feel are having a negative experience on skateboarding in Australia?
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Do you have any preference on how skateboarding events and competitions should be governed?
Do you believe it would be beneficial for skateboarding to have more awards and recognise people for their efforts in sustaining the culture, growing skateboarding and for shredding in general? *
Optional - Express yourself! Do you have any feedback, comments or ideas in relation to skateboarding in Australia, positive or negative
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