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We look forward to hosting your brewery in Hattiesburg on Saturday, June 13, 2020, at Town Square Park. Please complete the form below in its entirety to submit your registration. By completing this application you indicate that you agree to the Booth Rules and Regulations included in the Brewery Participation Information document.
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There is a limited amount available. We will do our best to accommodate this need, but it is not guaranteed.
Hotel Needs (We will have a block of rooms reserved at a discount for brewery reps. Breweries who provide 4 sixtels or 9 cases of beer will receive one complimentary room.) *
Will you be in town on Friday evening, June 12, and interested in any festivities that night? *
Will you be attending the Brewery Rep Lunch on Saturday, June 13 at noon? *
If you know the beers you plan to sample, please indicate their names here. (Indicate if package or draft. Package is preferred.)
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If you will be providing a beer for the VIP tent, please indicate the name and description here. (Indicate if package or draft. Package is recommended.)
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Anything else to add? Special arrangements or requests?
We will do our best to accommodate all needs, but we cannot guarantee they will be met. Requests will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.
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