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Hi everyone! Thank you for you interest in joining our organization, we can't wait to work with you! :)

Any current Berkeley student with an interest in or passion for mental health advocacy and research may join L2S@Berkeley.

Letters to Strangers @ Berkeley (L2S@Berkeley) is a student-run organization dedicated to de-stigmatizing and making mental health personal through our letter writing workshops, panels, workshops, events, and potential scholarships.

Through L2S@Berkeley, you will have access to a supportive, non-judgmental, and lasting community of friends to study, work, and chill with throughout your college career.

Join us to play a part in Berkeley's community together!

Please complete this form to become a member; if you'd like to be considered for an officer position, please indicate that as well! The links to the application are available in the description!
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We are currently recruiting:
Director of IT/Webmaster Application: https://forms.gle/doC6wxTpfuryMZi89 Director of Finance Application: https://forms.gle/c4TLWDFdBRqrHGtY9
Thank you for signing up! We look forward to meeting you soon.
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