Cursillo Pilgrim Application
Use this form to submit an application for a pilgrim to attend an upcoming Cursillo. A paper application will not be necessary. Please talk to the parish clergy about the pilgrim before submitting this form. Once submitted, you and the pilgrim will receive a document with the application information. The parish clergy will receive an email requesting their approval.
Pilgrim Information
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Sponsor Information
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I hereby affirm that: (1) I regularly attend Group Reunion. (2) I will support the Pilgrim and the weekend with prayer. (3) I will answer Pilgrim’s questions about the weekend and about Cursillo. (4)I will support the Pilgrim with palanca during the weekend. (5)I will help to arrange transportation for the Pilgrim to and from the weekend. (6) I will attend the Closing Service with the Pilgrim.(7)I will see to it that the Pilgrim is a member of a regular Group Reunion, or will group with the Pilgrim for at least three months after the weekend.(8) I will offer to take the Pilgrim to Ultreyas for at least three months after the weekend.
Clergy Information
An email will be sent to the clergy for their approval.
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I hereby affirm that the parish clergy is aware of this application and supports it.
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Additional information
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