VES AMV/Video Contest for Matsuricon 2017 Registration Form
Please use this form to register for the VES AMV/Video contest which will be held at Matsuricon 2017. All videos must be registered individually. We can accept up to three videos per editor. Please note that 2 of the videos can be registered for the main 6 categories (Action, Drama, Romance, Trailer, Comedy, Upbeat/Dance) and the third can be for Exhibition, for the Live-Action MV, for the Non-Anime Animation MV, or 18+ AMV categories.
Given Name
Please provide your given name. Just the first and last name will do. If there are multiple editors for this video, please separate the names with commas (,).
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Handle Name
Please provide the handle name that you would like to use in the opening credits. If you do not have one or would like to use just your first and last name, you may leave your answer blank. If there are multiple editors, please list the names and separate them with commas (,).
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Studio Name
Please provide the studio name that you would like to use in the opening credits. If one is not applicable, you can just leave this section blank.
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Please provide the e-mail address to be used for communication purposes with regards to the registered video. For multiple-editor projects or collaborations, one e-mail correspondence will do.
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Contest or Exhibition
Please choose if the video will be registered for the AMV/MV contest, 18+ AMV, or just the exhibition showing. For videos going to the Live-Action MV or Non-Anime Animation MV categories, please select the Main AMV/MV Contest or Exhibition (if you prefer this did not take part in the contest).
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