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Decolonizing HSIs Framework, which is an organizational model that is grounded in decolonial theory and anti-racist practices.
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Session Descriptions
Keynote: "Transforming Hispanic Serving Institutions"
In this keynote address, Dr. Garcia talks about her Decolonizing HSIs Framework, which is an organizational model that is grounded in decolonial theory and anti-racist practices. First, she talks about the social and historical factors that have hindered the educational success of Latinxs, arguing for the need to use critical theory as a framework for serving these students. Then she lays out the framework, which includes nine organizational elements. Dr. Garcia encourages audience members to think about how to transform HSIs, from an organizational level, using her framework and with the goal of equity and justice as outcomes.

Workshop 1: "Assessing Servingness at Hispanic Serving Institutions"
This training is for all campus constituents who are ready to assess their current progress towards becoming an HSI. This workshop is ideal for faculty, staff, and administrators who have access to data about student outcomes and experiences (e.g., DFW rates, persistence rates, IPEDS, Cooperative Institutional Research Programs, Diverse Learning Environments, NSSE, CECE, campus climate surveys, etc.). Those who have been actively implementing programs and services for better serving Latinxs and other minoritized students could benefit from this workshop. This training is hands-on, with participants asked to assess both their structures for serving and their indicators of serving, using the Multidimensional Conceptual Framework for Understanding “Servingness” as a guide. Topics include: (1) history and overview of HSIs, (2) HSI servingness defined by outcomes, experiences, organizational structures, and external influences, (3) current HSI research, and (4) assessing servingness.

Workshop 2: "Developing Social Justice Curriculum in Hispanic Serving Institutions"
This training is for faculty who are in charge of developing and delivering the curriculum at their institution. Dr. Garcia
provides an overview of HSIs and discusses the importance of becoming “Latinx- enhancing,” offering suggestions for how to center Latinxs and other minoritized students in the curriculum and classroom. She also provides a definition of social justice in the curriculum, stressing the need for faculty across the institution to think about equity and justice outcomes. This training is hands on, allowing faculty to evaluate their syllabi and reflect on their own pedagogical practices. Topics include: (1) becoming a socially just HSI, (2) using culturally relevant pedagogy and developing socially just curriculum, and (3) current research about faculty teaching at HSIs.
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In preparation for this event we are asking all participants to read UCI’s 2016 Report: “UCI as a Hispanic Thriving Campus: Report of the Administrative Work Group on Campus Designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution”
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*Space is limited to 40 person capacity for these two sessions. Please let us know if your plans change.
†Developing Social Justice Curriculum will have additional pre-work of a syllabus review.

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