Registration for Winter Wonderland Kindermusik Playdates 2016-17
Prepare for silly smiles, giggles and a look of wonder as we enjoy a gentle snow fall and a good romp in the "snow" together. Dress in bright winter themed outfits, and bring your camera, as there are memories to be made here, and lots to take home and continue the exploration of snow.. the Florida Family Play way.

There are still a few opening in each class time for December, and I have added new dates in January !!! All of the Winter Wonderland Playdates will be held in our Kindermusik studio at 1736 New Jersey Rd. Lakeland, FL 33809.

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December - Winter Wonderland
“Cold winds blow, and bring us snow…” Hahahaha - YES, even here in Central Florida! It is our own brand of snow play that is not so cold, but still a lot of fun. Explore the soft and crunchy feel of Ms. Debbie’s “Snowtime Anytime Snowballs” (yep, look ‘em up online), and see many of the ways you can make your own snow for extending the playtime at home. We dim the lights for a nighttime snowfall, then rise with the lights to make snow angels, shuffle and play around in the snow, slide around with jingle bells on our “sleighs”, make snow piles on willing friends, and even use white bags to fill with snow to make… and decorate… our snowmen ! And DANCE like snowmen ! Then the snow gets cleared by our active little zambonies, and we skate around on the ice to the “Skater’s Waltz”.

In the event with babies, our snow play takes on a more wonderous exploration of textures... the soft snow, the slick "sleds" and colorful flowing scarves. Bright jingling baby-safe bells signal the sounds of the season and spark smiles of joy. Babies and their favorite partners create new ways to play and connect with each other through these seasonal songs, activities, and props.

Home Materials include: ”Winter Wonderland” CD (or jingle bell instrument), Winter Wonderland Activity Sheet, soft fabric snowflakes, and a little bag of “SnoWonder” Instant Snow – for more realistic snow fun at home.

Suggested clothing for PHOTO op: RED, or dark blue outfits and cold weather wear (scarf, gloves, hat), possibly with accents of snow, snowflakes, snowman, etc.

December 9 - Friday
December 10 - Saturday
January 20 - Friday
January 21 - Saturday
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Cost covers class and home materials kit for first child for one event. Both parents are welcome, grandparents too, no charge for the big kids. Price for siblings includes extra props/instruments.
$5 discount per child
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