Quincy Public Schools and Quincy College              Early College High School Pathway                     2022-2023 Application
Quincy's Early College High School Pathway Program is designed to welcome students into an inclusive and supportive community that they remain a part of up through graduation. Students will earn college credit through a sequence of Early College Pathway courses, which will prepare them for post-secondary success.

Quincy's ECHS Pathway Application is due on/or before March 18, 2022.

NOTE: This program application will also be translated into Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese.
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Academic Information:
Would you be the first person in your family to attend college? *
In the past, have you earned college credit through the Dual Enrollment or CVTE Pathway Programs between Quincy College and Quincy Public Schools? *
Are you part of the Career Vocational and Technical Education (CVTE) Program at your high school? If so, please list the CVTE program. *
How did you learn about the Early College High School Pathway Program? *
Employment Information:
Do you currently have a job? *
If you do have a job, please list your employer name.
If you do have a job, please list your current position.
If you do have a job, please describe your roles and responsibilities.
If you do have a job, please share the approximate number of hours a week that you work.
Additional Student Information:
Please list any extra-curricular activities (in-school and community) that you that you currently or have participated in as a high school student: *
Is there anything that may prevent you from completing Early College High School Pathway coursework on a regular basis? *
Given your job/or extracurricular activities, how do you balance these responsibilities with academics?
Student Questions:
Do you currently use a planner to keep yourself organized? *
Do you meet deadlines with homework and projects? *
How much time, on average, do you spend doing homework (including reading) each night? *
Open-Ended Questions:  Choose ONE of the three essay questions below.  
ESSAY ONE:  What are some of your personal challenges that you have faced that have impacted your academic success in the past?   What personal strengths have helped you overcome challenges in your life? How will these strengths help you to attain your educational goals?
ESSAY TWO:  Why are you interested in being a part of the Early College High School Pathway Program with Quincy Public Schools and Quincy College? Why do you think this program is a good fit for you to achieve your goals?   What do you plan to do differently as an Early College student?  
ESSAY THREE:  As a part-time college student, how would you balance your coursework, employment, family, social, and personal life? What will motivate you to attended all classes and complete all assignments on time?
Commitment to Early College High School (ECHS) Pathway:
Should you be accepted into the ECHS Pathway Program, please read and confirm your initial commitments to the program by checking the following:                                                                   *
Please note:  At the request of the ECHS Pathway Admissions Team, a personal reference, recommendation, completed writing sample, and/or an interview may be required.
The Quincy Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, or disability, in its educational activities or employment practices.    
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