Street Team/Advanced Reader Registration for Jason Paul Rice
This is for serious readers/reviewers interested in being a member of Rice's Reading Roundtable, where everyone is treated equally and your opinions are always valued. Accepted members will immediately receive a free ecopy of the first book in The Pearl of Wisdom Saga. You will receive Two Heads, Two Spikes(Volume 1) Once you read and review that book, email me at for a free copy of Fractured Families.

All active and participating members will never pay for a Jason Paul Rice book again and I am pretty young as far as authors go so there will be plenty more to come.

You will always receive a free ebook of all new releases(the next is Volume 3 in late January so you have plenty of time to catch up on the series if you haven't finished the first two volumes yet). The final publication ecopy will be emailed to you about one or two weeks before the official launch date. In exchange, you are asked to leave a review in the first week of official publication release and help spread the word about the new book, that's all.

I set up a Facebook Group too, so we have an open forum for discussing the books and other relevant matters. Your viewpoint matters and I have a post up now giving team members a chance to name a character in my next book. I realize how valuable this group will be and I plan to work tirelessly to always take care of my street team members first. I would love to(and plan to) gain enough success to reward each member individually after every book release but I'm not quite there yet.

**Make sure to mark emails from Jason Paul Rice as safe and always check your Promotions Folder so you don't miss out on anything.**

If you are unsure and want a little more detail on the books and author, you can check out his Amazon Author Page:
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