"My Community" Initiative Application
After 190 years, we believe Neir's has continue to exist due to it being a community gathering place. On our 190th anniversary we'd like to support you and those in the community that share your personal interest.

Whether passionate about horse racing, whiskey, knitting, baking, history or anything, we'd like to share this passion with Neir's Tavern's supporters through our thousands of followers on social media, so you can meet more people and grow the circle of THOSE who enjoy the same passion as you do.

Whether at a nominal expense or free, we'll help come up with a strategy that we think will work and then promote and market your community concept for you so you become successful with your community.

A recent guest, Luz's passion is helping seniors. She is hosting a monthly Bingo event at Neir's Tavern for seniors during the day time. That's her "My Community" event.

This application will be reviewed and get back to you if accepted.
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Due to Neir's Tavern's limited resources Are you able to help host and/or help organize it so we can start sooner than later if accepted?
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