Kenmore East Cheerleading Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in the Kenmore East Cheerleading Program. Please fill out the following questions to best get us prepared for the upcoming Fall 2020 Season!

If you have not yet joined REMIND, please sign up by texting @kecheer20 to 81010. This is how you will stay informed about open practices, open tumbling, camp, fundraising and fall tryouts.

If there are any questions please email, or DM us on our Cheerleading Instagram @kenmoreeastcheer
First and last name *
Grade you will be entering this upcoming 2020-2021 school year *
Stunt Position *
Flyers: please consider stretching everyday, it will be expected at a Varsity level that you have Heel Stretches and Arabesques on BOTH legs. If you need stretching exercises or wants tips on flexibility drills please reach out.
Most Elite Stunt you can hit consistently *
Round-off Backhandspring is mandatory to make the Varsity Cheerleading team( exception with medical note) Currently tumbling is not mandatory to tryout for the JV team, though it is HIGHLY encouraged to have a backhandspring. There will be open tumbling starting soon so please take advantage of it. It will be all summer long hopefully starting in May.
Highest standing tumbling skill by yourself *
Highest running tumbling pass by yourself *
What days work best for you for open practices this summer *
What time of the day works best for you for open practices this summer? *
Outside curricular activities this summer and/or fall you will be involved in , please be specific *
Goals for the 2020-2021 season *
Intentions *
Any additional information you would like to share, including ideas for the upcoming Fall 2020 season *
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