Application-Form for the DhK-Scholarship-Program for University Students of the Yazidi Community in Iraq
Dhk e.v. (People of Dortmund help in Cooperation) is a small non-governmental organization from Germany ( Since 2016 DhK has been supporting displaced Yazidi students in Iraq. Money comes from donations of private people in Germany, mainly the city of Dortmund.
The aim of our program is to support yazidi students in need to start, continue or finish their studies. We aim to support students from various universities and departments. We especially wish to support and encourage female students.

In the academic year 2018/19 30 students of the University of Mosul and 20 students of the University of Duhok were supported. We are now accepting reapplications and new application for the year 2019/2020. Support students will recieve a financial support of $50 for 10 month a year. The support has to be collected in Dohuk. Students are also expected to attend up to 4 meetings a year.

Application is open for students at any university in Iraq until 11.10.2019 13.00h. Please share with other students in need.

To apply fill out the form below. Only completed forms can be considered. It will take 30 minutes and you may need support with English.
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