A questionnaire regarding the identity of flat earthers
I'm a sociology student and I'm making this questionnaire to examine the identify of flat earthers. This questionnaire is completely anonymous and the results will not be published. It's mostly an exercise for one of my classes. Thank you for your time :)
Do you live in the United States of America? *
How old are you *
What's your gender? *
Do you think the earth is flat? *
How did you find information that made you think that? What was your beginning of being a "flat eather" like? *
How do you think the world was created? *
What do you think the solar system looks like (and does it exist at all)? What do you think the universe looks like? *
Is it possible to determine the purpose of the existence of the world (and perhaps also of man)? What are your thoughts on this? *
Do you believe in any higher power? If so, what is your religion? Does your religion affect your views on earth and the universe? *
What nationality are you? Do you feel connected to it? *
How important your identity as a "flat eather" is to you? Are you a flat earther in the first place and an American (or if you identify more with a different nationality, a person from this nation) in the second place, or vice versa? *
Do you feel the need to spread the knowledge of the flatness of the earth / other elements of your cosmology? Are you spreading that knowledge? *
Do you have any contact with other flateathers? Do you attend any flat earth conventions? Do you know of their existance? *
What would you say your social status is? Would you want to change it? *
Please describe yourself as a person. What do you think your traits are? *
How do your views about the nature of the earth affect your life? How do they affect who you are? *
Do you find yourself treated differently by other people because of your views on the shape of the earth / other elements of your cosmology? *
What do you think about people who aren't flat earthers? What do you think about society itself? *
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