AppWorks School / Summer 2019 Application
AppWorks School aims to provide the most practical and up-to-date training for aspiring software engineers. In summer 2019, AppWorks School is opening following classes for you to join:

- Web Class (Choose Front-End / Backend Group during remote learning)
- Android Class
- iOS Class

The program is entirely free of charge. However, due to capacity constraints, we can only accommodate 20 students for Web Class and 15 students for Android & iOS Class.

If you're interested in becoming one of them, please go ahead and fill out the application below. You may answer either in Chinese or in English.

You should receive one copy of your answer automatically by the system if you submitted successfully. And we will reach out to you as soon as possible after reading your application based on our timeline.

If you have any further questions, please email to: , thanks!

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0. Do you know it's an immersive learning program that requires 4 weeks part-time learning and 16 weeks full-time participation ? *
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6. Based on your answer in last question, why are you interested in that specific software development ? What have you done to expose yourself to it so far? *
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7. Have you taught yourself anything before? Describe what you learned and how you approached it. *
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8. Which subject was your favorite during high school (or college)? Why? *
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9. What's the biggest achievement (or the most challenging thing) in your life? And how did you make it ? *
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11. Do you know any AppWorks School Alumni ? If yes, who? (Optional)
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