Call for Papers Open Tech Day 2017
Welcome to the official Call for Papers application for the Open Tech Day 2017. Only session proposals submitted through this application will be reviewed by the program committee.

On April 20, 2017 the Open Tech Day 2017 conference will be held. The conference will be taking place at conference venue 'Jaarbeurs' in Utrecht, Netherlands. The organizing committee is looking for you as a speaker to present your session in one of the available timeslots.

If you have an interesting Open source & IT Business related topic that you would like to present, this is your chance. A timeslot has 45 minutes. Attendees typically have intermediate to advanced open source experience and are looking for practical content to enhance their knowledge. Most valued sessions include best practices, code samples and/or live demos. Besides regular technical sessions, we are also looking for hands-on labs proposals, interactive workshops and unconference-style sessions. Submitting multiple papers is allowed of course.

If you have any questions regarding the call for papers, please contact

Reshift Content team .

Tracks at the Open Tech Day 2017
We are accepting content in the following tracks:

Open cloud:
- OS cloud operating systems
- Data center of the future
- Open stack
- Digital transformation
- Storage management

Open data:
- Open source solutions & Big Data
- Storage and Open data solutions
- Blockchain

Open Enterprise:
- Open source applications for business decisions
- Open source and business critical apps
- Downtime and security
- CRM, Resource planninge software, webshop software, CMS, databases & Infratstructure
- Middleware

Open development:
- Devops in the community
- Internet of Things (IoT)
- Docker
- Microservices
- Openshift

Open future:
- Mobility & IoT
- Home automation

Paper submission fields
Please, make sure that your session proposal contains at least the following elements:
• Title
• Name(s) of speaker(s) (sessions can have up to three speakers)
• Short description of the session (minimum of 100 words)
• Language in which the content will be presented (Dutch / English)
• Level (beginner / intermediate / advanced)
• Track in which the content is to be categorized
• Prerequisite knowledge
• Outline of the presentation
N.B. Incomplete proposals will unfortunately be rejected! Please, submit your proposal before the Call for Papers deadline. Please refer to the timeline for important dates. You will receive an e-mail confirmation upon submitting.
How proposals will be judged
When the deadline has passed, the session selection committee are handed the session abstracts and they have to individually rate the sessions using a "five star system" (1: bad -- 5: excellent). The committee consists of 9 members, with representation from the NLJUG, open source communities and experts in IoT software and hardware. You can meet the program committee here. Selection committee members judge the session abstracts for themselves paying attention to the following criteria in no particular order:
• Is it a hot topic?
• Diversity in topics for this particular conference
• Variety in topics over conferences in the past
• Speaker credentials (pay attention to your speaker bio, especially previous speaking engagements!)
• Evaluation results for speaker from previous conferences/universities, if any
• Whatever other criteria they may find of interest (that's why they stand out, right?)
Finally, the committee sits together and adds up the individual ratings. Remarkably, most of the time this produces very uniform results. Still, the final cut is a tough call. If conflicts arise the NLJUG board members make the final call, but most of the time we'll manage to come to an agreement before that happens.

Fortunately for us, we do receive lots of proposals. Mostly, over four times the amount of session slots available. This means we have to disappoint people as well. Sometimes we get angry e-mails or funky phone calls in return. That's why we like to share this information with you here and manage expectations up front.

Is it an honest system? Yes, we like to think so. This way we try to eliminate all kinds of conflicts of interests. Quality content first! If you think there's anything wrong with that, or have suggestions for improvement, we would love to hear from you. Drop the selection committee a line at

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