XR Accessibility Project - Resource Suggestion
The XRAccessibility Project is an initiative driven by the XR Association and XR Access to provide a central place for developers to find solutions for creating accessible code across various XR platforms. We were inspired by developers, key players in ensuring that this technology is accessible, who reported challenges in finding accessible code snippets.

Suggestions will be reviewed on the basis of clarity, functionality, and usefulness.
-Clarity: is it clear what the resource does?
-Functionality: does the resource work? Is it regularly updated?
-Usefulness: is the resource useful to developers?

You can find the current list of resources at https://github.com/XRAccessibility/xraccessibility.github.io.
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Resource Name *
This can be code samples, a plugin, a community where developers can find help making their code accessible, or another useful resource.
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Low: a rough prototype or experiment
High: proven, widely-used, and well-documented
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