Digital Paintings by Mattaku
Before commissioning Mattaku it is paramount that you read the following Terms and Conditions:

Terms of Service:

By commissioning me to do a digital painting for you, you are agreeing to the following:

1) I reserve the right to say no, or decline to accept your request. If I feel that I either can't, or am uncomfortable with drawing your request I will turn you down.

2) You understand that drawings take time. I can't be done with your picture in 2 days. I can take up to a month depending on my queue, my RL job, or other factors in life that take me away from my computer. If you are not comfortable with this, then please don't commission me.

3) I DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS, let me repeat. I. DO. NOT. GIVE. REFUNDS. The only time I will give refunds is if something happens and I am unable to complete the artwork, at that point, I will get in contact with you and send you a refund. If I have already started on your artwork, I will not refund you.

4) I will not draw anyone under 18, or pretending to be under 18 in compromising positions. I will abide by the law, and by L.L. rules. I am more than happy to do a friendly family portrait for you.

5) I will not accept commissions for any officially licensed characters, while I may have officially licensed characters as my example pictures, these are just fan art and in no way gaining me anything monetarily.

6) I will, and can draw NSFW or adult oriented art. This will need to be discussed as to what you'd like, before I can tell you if I'll accept the picture or not, as there are some fetishes that make me uncomfortable to draw.

Prices for a basic head shot starts at 11k
Mid body (thigh/waist up) starts at 15k
And full body picture starts at 20k

Prices will vary based on the complexity of the avatar (such as complicated armor and whatnot)
I will work with you step by step on this process, so that we ensure that you are 100% happy with what's going on. If you feel more comfortable, I can even add you on discord after you've paid for your picture, so that you're able to contact me even when I'm not available online.

As of now I am not offering detailed backgrounds regularly, and if you are wanting something specific you will need to ask me so that I can quote you.
If you need any additional edits after I have completed the image, there will be a 5k fee, as I get approval from you along the process. Any edits earlier in the process such as during the sketch phase, or the inking phase will be free. So if there is something you'd like changed, PLEASE try and let me know then!

For any other questions, please contact me in world: Mattaku (Virus579 Resident)
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Please have the following prepared for when Mattaku contacts you:
# Minimum of 2 references of whatever you want Mattaku to draw. (Not limited to SL avi's)
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