UCD 2018 Mobile Chipping Sign-Up
Note: Due to funding constraints, the UCD Mobile Chipping Service is currently only available to those residents in eastern Skamania County (east of Dog Mountain) and western Klickitat County (west of the Klickitat River).

We are currently pursuing funding for western Skamania County residents. Please use the following link if you would like to be contacted if/when we are able to secure funding for western Skamania County: https://goo.gl/forms/wMCMKdZBAQpnYwCt2.

Eastern Skamania and western Klickitat County residents:

We operate this mobile chipper service and offer technical advice to landowners and residents trying to lower the risk to their property from wildfire. Generally, this means reducing dense brush, limbing and/or thinning patches of trees, and taking other prudent steps around one’s house (and other structures) and out to approximately 200 feet.

Work conducted under this program does not guarantee the prevention of wildfire occurrence, of course, and Underwood Conservation District will not be held liable for any damages that result from fire or other natural or manmade events.

That said, we are happy to answer questions, make a free no-obligation visit to your property, and otherwise assist you in your “Firewise” efforts.

If you have any question about UCD's Firewise Program, including the Mobile Chipping Service, please contact our staff by email: fire@ucdwa.org, or by phone: (509) 493-1936.

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