CbusIsMyNbhd - Nomination Form
Columbus, Ohio is a diverse and dynamic city with neighborhood charm. No matter which community you belong to, we are all part of the Columbus Neighborhood.

Thousands of people work each day to improve the quality of life for their community members, but this tireless work often goes unrecognized. We would like to to honor the contributions of those Columbus natives who make us proud to call Columbus our home.

Columbus is my Neighborhood will use public art to give a face and voice to local leaders to highlight their activism and commitment to their communities. 

Black and white portraits of 10 community leaders will be displayed in a centralized location in Downtown Columbus, and social media post will highlight their personal stories.

Eligibility requirements:
-Born and/or raised in Columbus, Ohio
-Identifies as Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Color

Qualities of a nominee:
-Demonstrates excellence in leadership skills
-Exhibits initiative toward community improvement
-Promotes positivity, creativity, and progress
-Supports and helps others reach their goals
-Enhances the Columbus Community

Please visit www.cbusismynbhd.org or email cbusismynbhd@gmail.com for more information!
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