Odyssey of the Mind - Registration
A fun, free international problem solving competition!

Registration Deadline: Sunday, October 15, 2017

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Please select the t-shirt size of your student. Team members wear t-shirts to competition.
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In which division would you be interested in competing? (Select one or more.)
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Please rank the problems (5 for most interested in; 1 for least interested in). https://goo.gl/v1TcCM (Note: Primary Problem for K-2 choose anything for fun.)
#1 Triathalon Travels
#2 Emoji, Speak for Yourself
#3 Classics... Mockumentary! Seriously?
#4 Animal House
#5 A Stellar Hangout
Student Expectations *
I understand that I am expected to attend ALL meetings of my team as scheduled by my coach (generally one to two meetings per week; possibly several times a week just prior to competition). I understand that my behavior must follow all school and classroom rules, and meet the expectations of my coach and the building space where meetings are held. I understand that a maximum of five team members participate in the Spontaneous portion of competition; that my team will choose those who compete in that Spontaneous event, and I will support the decisions of my team.
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