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“Preparing your journey to the future of community pharmacy” Luc Besançon (France)
“What society thinks vs what we think” Taavo Tähtjärv, Hanna Keidong
“Insight into the developments of pharmacy practice in Estonia” Daisy Volmer (Estonia)
Latvian view on 21st century pharmacy”, “Preparing new professionals for changing environment” Lasma Medjanova (Latvia)
“Past, present and future of the pharmacy in Lithuania” Indre Treciokiene (Lithuania)
“Dutch community pharmacy in a changing environment. Best practices in Holland” Jeroen van de Pol, Peter de Braal (Netherlands)
“Structuring the pharmacist-patient consultation: communication practice and research” Afonso Cavaco (Portugal)
“21st century community pharmacy – from dispensing and counselling to patient care” Saija Leikola (Finland)
Hospital pharmacy session
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