Hotspot Feedback
Our July-October 2019 trial went well, so we're continuing to offer wi-fi hotspots. But we’re still counting on your feedback – particularly if you live in the country. We are hopeful that these hotspots will provide an internet option for homes that aren’t currently wired for internet, but we need to hear from you if our beautiful hills and dales provide too great a barrier to the cellular network.

Did you have a great experience? Did something go wrong? Let us know!
Where did you primarily use the hotspot?
How was the coverage on the Sprint network?
Awful. This thing never worked.
Great! I was able to connect to the internet the whole time.
Did you find the hotspot itself easy to use (turn off, turn on, connecting your devices, etc)
Would you borrow a hotspot from the library again?
Any comments?
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