Language Partners BC – Spring 2020
To participate in a Spring 2020 language exchange program, use this form.

Language Partners BC supports face to face language exchange programs in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. The purpose is to help people improve their language fluency and build community. To learn more, visit our website at:
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This helps us to plan future programs.
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Sometimes, program participants might prefer to be paired with someone of the same gender. To help us match participants, please indicate your gender (e.g., female, male, non-binary).
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All programs are 9 weeks long, meeting for 2 hours each week. All programs are free.

Each program has two facilitators and a maximum of 12 participants including the facilitators.

Note: Signing up does not mean you will get a partner. We will try to match you with a partner. We will contact you before the program starts, to tell you if you have a partner. We do our best to match as many people as possible.
Which program would you like to attend? *
Please select the program that is your first choice. All program are mixed men and women, except the program at Ajyal Centre, which is only for women.
Are there any other programs that you can attend? *
If we are unable to find you a partner in your first choice of program, we may be able to find you a partner in another program. Please select all other programs that you can attend.
Are you able to attend all 9 sessions?
It is important to attend all sessions, because your partner and the group depend on you.
Will you attend an Open House?
An open house will be held at each program location to meet potential participants and discuss the programs. You are strongly encouraged to attend an open house. Those who attend will be given priority for language partner matching.
Do you need childminding? (Ajyal Centre and Collingwood Neighbourhood House programs only)
We have some childminding spaces available for the Ajyal Centre and Collingwood Neighbourhood House programs. Please let us know if you need childminding in order to participate.
If you need childminding, how many children will you be bringing? (Ajyal & Collingwood programs only)
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We will match you with someone based on the language(s) you speak and the language(s) you want to learn.
What is your first language? *
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Do you speak any other languages?
Please list any other languages that you feel comfortable offering to another person. You should be at a high level.
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Which language would you like to learn? *
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Do you want to learn any other languages?
List in order of preference. If you include more languages, you have a better chance of getting matched with a partner. If you are open to learning any language, you can also say: "Any language".
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Finding you a language partner
Do you have any requests or comments about your language partner match?
For example, if you prefer to be matched with someone of the same gender. If you would like to be matched with a partner you've had before, please tell us their name.
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How would you like us to contact you? *
We can contact you by email, text or phone to let you know if we are able to match you with a language partner. By signing up, you will also be added to our emailing list.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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