LSA Funding Bidding Pool Application Form 2017-2018
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This year's LSA has decided to create a new funding opportunity for all McGill Law students: a Bidding Pool. This consists of a fund for the students who aren't necessarily members of a Club or Journal who would like to organize an event at the faculty. L'événement à organiser ne doit pas être éligible au fond ASEF pour être éligible au Bidding Pool.

The bidding pool fund aims at encouraging law students who want to share opportunities that can be beneficial for the entire faculty, without necessarily being part of a Club.
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Inclusivity and Accessibility Matters
The LSA encourages you to take in consideration the following factors when organizing an activity or an event:
1. Universal accessibility and inclusiveness in Faculty activities, procedures, and systems
2. Organizational sustainable development (environmental, economic and social)
3. Professional exploration and development in diverse fields (in & outside law)
4. Advocacy for, and advancement of, law students’ collective rights & interests

Joint applications by several clubs and organizations are also encouraged.
LSA Funding Guidelines
Before filling out this form, please consult the following document. This contains guidelines that should be considered when applying for any type of funding through the the LSA processes.


Any accessibility accommodations made NEED to be printed on the poster and included in any and all promotion. This includes but is not limited to: wheelchair access, accessible washrooms (gender neutral and wheelchair access), ASL translation, service animals permitted etc. Otherwise, your efforts to made for these accommodations are in vain!
LSA Deadlines and Timeline


- Projects being granted funding and that involve disbursements before the activity itself takes place (e.g.: registration fees to a conference, purchase of goods or booking of services, etc.) may apply for an Advance of funds.

- Not providing receipts and proofs of attendance may be interpreted by the LSA as the activity not having taken place or as not having been attended, which will result in an obligation to refund the Advance of funds to the LSA by the person listed as Contact-person or by the recipient(s) of the Advance of funds, all being jointly and solidarily liable.

- The original receipts of all expenses and proofs of attendance of the activity must be provided 14 days after the activity at the latest. If an advance of funds had been granted, and if the final amount spent was lesser than the amount of the advance, the excess money must be returned to the LSA in the 14 days following the activity as well.
Contact Information
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