2018 COSA Convention Workshop Proposal
The Convention Program Committee is seeking proposals for the 2018 COSA Convention in Oakland. You can submit a workshop or panel of your own design or in conjunction with other COSA members. Whether you have worked one Step or all of them, we believe you have something of great value to offer at the convention.

Please send any questions to programcommittee@cosa-recovery.org.


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Workshop Proposal
Please consider submitting a proposal in one or more of the following program tracks.

* COSA Twelve Steps: Whether we are working a Step for the first time or are guiding others through sponsorship, there is always something new to learn about the Steps. We are looking for workshops that reflect the diversity of ways in which we work the Twelve Steps in COSA. Pick one or more of your favorite Steps to focus on; we encourage you to offer handouts with suggestions and specific tools you have used to work a Step.

* COSA Twelve Traditions: The Traditions help offer principles that guide our work together at the meeting, Intergroup, and ISO levels of COSA. The Traditions can also be applied to our families and other group interactions. We are looking for your experience, strength, and hope with how one or more of the Traditions has supported your personal and/or group’s recovery.

* COSA Twelve Concepts: The Concepts offer principles for how our ISO of COSA Board and service committees work in service of the fellowship as a whole. The Concepts can also be applied in our personal lives as well. We are looking for your experience, strength, and hope with how one or more of the COSA Concepts has supported your recovery in COSA.

* Sponsorship: We hope you’ll share tips, tools, lessons learned, and insight for those who are currently sponsoring or those who are trying to decide if they are ready to sponsor.

* Defining Sobriety and Other COSA Tools: How have you understood and applied the Circles in defining your own sobriety? We are interested in your experience, strength, and hope about the use of this and other COSA recovery tools including (but not limited to) program calls, journaling, practicing self-care, and boundaries.

* COSA Service: We are interested in workshops about the diversity of group experiences that have helped your recovery. If you have ever been part of starting a new COSA meeting (face-to-face, telemeeting, or online), a feedback group, a Twelve Step study group, a regional retreat, or an Intergroup, you have experience, strength, and hope that other COSA members might benefit from! Perhaps you have found some great tools for conducting a COSA Business Meeting, or have experience to share about being a meeting Delegate. You may have experience, strength, and hope regarding how to help others become familiar with the Traditions (e.g., how to practice 'principles not personalities,' or how to practice Group Conscience).

* En Español: Any of the tracks in Spanish.

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Guidelines for ISO of COSA Annual International Convention Presenters
COSA’s Sixth Tradition reminds us that “A COSA group ought never endorse, finance, or lend the COSA name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary purpose.” Outside of these doors, we may be therapists, writers, yogis, or any number of other things. Inside we are only COSAs. When speaking as a COSA, or running a COSA workshop, we ask that you not risk endorsing an outside interest or lending the COSA name to your own work by:

- putting your professional name or logo on handouts

- passing out business cards

- promoting or selling your products or services

- marketing to the COSA fellowship as a whole in any other way

- using any COSA contact information (e-mail addresses or phone numbers) from convention registration lists, attendee lists, or distribution lists for purposes of marketing outside services, events, or materials.

We ask that each presenter and/or speaker contribute only as a COSA member and pay special attention to ALL of the Twelve Traditions of COSA. We also ask that each presenter and/or speaker be mindful of our Diversity Statement, which seeks to perpetuate COSA as an inclusive fellowship and welcomes all walks of life and all genders.

ISO OF COSA Diversity Statement

COSA Diversity is consistent with the Third Tradition of COSA, which states that the only requirement for COSA membership is that our lives have been affected by compulsive sexual behavior.

The COSA Fellowship welcomes all genders, all varieties of relationship to the addict, all religious and spiritual preferences, all employment statuses, all economic statuses, all marital statuses, all ethnicities, cultures, and languages. COSA does not discriminate on the basis of class, sexual orientation or gender identification, physical or mental challenges, race, or national origins.

In COSA, we find hope whether or not there is a sexually addicted person currently in our lives.

COSA Diversity is consistent with the First Tradition of COSA, which states that our common welfare should come first, personal recovery depends upon COSA unity.

We have found that speaking from our own experience, while being alert to our own biases, is an excellent way to keep principles before personalities. Please avoid making generalizations about the COSA fellowship, such as referring to all COSAs as women or wives, and referring to all SAs as husbands.

I agree to abide by the ISO of COSA Guidelines for presenters *
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