Tradly - Campus Ambassador Program
Whats the outcome of this exercise to you?
You will have experience to understand how startups do their marketing, Branding, how they pitch they product to the end users. You also get the experience of how to explain to people about a certain service , how they react to this explanations and their comments. In long term, you will be able to develop business skills to become a entrepreneur in future.

We will provide training for you on Digital Marketing (skype session) and other technology lesson which you are passionate about and which can help your career.

For our side:
This is an initiative to grow our new peer to peer marketplace app "Tradly - A social Marketplace" which allows users to discover, connect and trade used/new products with college friends and nearby locals. With this program you help us to market the app, help us improve app by your technical skills and of course your out-of-the-box innovative thoughts to make this app go viral. With this program you can work and earn while you study, meet the mentors as well as technology experts in the IT industry. Smart Work. Have Fun. Play store link..
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