Incoming 9th Grade AP Program Course Registration (for the 2020-2021 school year)
Please complete the information below in order for Paxon to create your schedule for the 2020-2021 school year.

For a more detailed description of course offerings, please visit Paxon's Course Catalog on the Paxon Guidance website at:

Please keep in mind that...

All AP Freshmen will be enrolled in the following courses:
-English 1 Honors
-AP Human Geography (APHUG)
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*It is NOT recommended that students take Geometry Honors online over the summer prior to entering 9th grade in order to accelerate their math progression.
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All students must take two consecutive years of a world language to meet graduation requirements.
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Most students will have four electives built into their 9th grade schedule.

Please rank in numerical order (with #1 being the elective that you want the most) your top 6 elective choices:
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Paxon will begin creating a schedule for you upon submission of this form.

Changes to course requests may be submitted via email to Paxon's School Counseling Department Chair (Mrs. Michelle Mullen) prior to the end of the school year (

Course requests made after the conclusion of this school year may be emailed to Paxon's Curriculum Administrator (Dr. Bradley McLeland) prior to July 22, 2020 (

Please keep in mind that requesting a change DOES NOT guarantee that a change may be made.
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