MAGFest AFK Room/Hope Booth Volunteer Form
Thanks for your interest in helping Take This bring our beloved AFK Room back to MAGFest in National Harbor, MD. Take This and the AFK Room are things many attendees have come to rely on as a part of the con experience at many major cons. The AFK Room helps them keep or regain their sense of calm during this long, busy weekend, and the Booth of Hope (outreach volunteers) answers many questions about the organization and also accepts donations. We rely on our volunteers to make the AFK Room and outreach happen!

If you are placed in the AFK Room, in exchange for your volunteer time, you will receive a day pass to the event.

This form should only take you a few minutes. The information we gather here is not shared with third-party vendors. We hate spam as much as you do. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support!

Licensed clinicians who successfully complete all assigned shifts with us will have the opportunity to be added to our roster of participating clinicians which will be featured on our website this year. You do NOT need to be a licensed clinician to volunteer.

Info about MAGFest may be found at:

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