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Every day, transportation planners make important decisions that affect how we all get around the city. Those decisions are most often based on computer transportation models that predict how changes to our highways, roads, subways, streetcars and bike lanes will affect traffic flow and congestion – but these models could be better. Right now, they underrepresent short trips, walking and cycling trips, and trips that include combinations of walking, cycling, transit and driving. We want to fix that.

Our travel survey app gathers real-time data about how Torontonians get around the city and it is helping us build a better transportation model – one that is based on real human behavior, your behavior. This new model will do a better job of predicting how transportation planning decisions affect things like traffic congestion, commute times and on-time reliability for surface transportation.

Download this app to participate in this city-wide travel survey and help us create the transportation model of the future. Your privacy is protected and your personal data will never be shared with third-parties - only researchers at the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI) will have access to the data collected.

We have $1,600 in prizes to be drawn between November 28 and December 21, 2014 (!), plus, you'd be helping out the worthy cause of engineering research simply by running an app on your phone.

To install the travel survey app, fill out the form below and you'll be guided to the appropriate page (App Store or Play Store).

*This app is being developed by the UTTRI in partnership with Waterfront Toronto.

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