AWTEC 2016 Technical Tour
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Location 1 : NTU Eco Campus
“EcoCampus Initiative aims to develop a novel campus-wide sustainability framework with various demonstration sites, to achieve 35% reduction in energy, water, and waste intensity of the campus by 2020. Let us walk around the campus and witness the green spots established by our enthusiastic and dedicated NTU community in the effort of greening our lovely campus.”

Please visit this website for more information about the ERI@N EcoCampus :

Location 2: Floating Tidal Turbine Platform @ LitaOcean Shipyard (50kW Floating Tidal TurbineDemo Unit in Singapore)
The Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N), in collaboration with Envirotek, OceanPixel, Schottel Hydro, and Lita Ocean, is developing a 50kW floating tidal turbine demonstration project in Singapore.The floating system will be deployed near Sentosa Boardwalk where peak currents reach more than 2 m/s. Sentosa Dev’t Corp. and ERI@N have been working together towards enabling tropical tidal energy systems for the region. This demonstration project will not only showcase the possible harnessing of tidal energy in South East Asia but will also be used towards ERI@N’s Research and Development goals.

The technical tour / site visit will bring the delegates to Lita Ocean’s shipyard to see the facility where the demonstration unit was integrated. A short presentation will be shown about the project to brief the visitors. The floating tidal turbine system may very well be at the quayside of the shipyard. The delegates will be then brought to the Sentosa Boardwalk for viewing of the location for deployment.

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