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How would you rank the quality of the lessons Mr. Karpie presented in ELA Class this year? *
Terrible, I was confused an frustrated the entire time.
Wonderful, they should make a Hallmark movie about Mr. Karpie's lessons.
How would you rank the classroom atmosphere in Mr. Karpie's classroom? *
Distracting and Loud
Focused and Academic
How would you rank Mr. Karpie's interactions with students? *
Completely inappropriate: swearing, bullying, unfair, inconsistent.
Completely appropriate and academic, with a hint of fun.
How would you rank the behavioral expectations in Mr. Karpie's classroom? *
Inconsistent and confusing -- I could never tell how I should behave and what the consequences were.
Consistent and clear -- it was obvious how to follow the rules and why.
How would you rank the academic expectations in Mr. Karpie's classroom? *
**Please realize that if you happen to be a brilliant human, most teacher's academic expectations will be slightly beneath your level.
Unrealistic: lessons were FAR too hard or FAR too easy most of the time.
Realistic: lessons were usually challenging but I could complete them.
How would you rank the pace of Mr. Karpie's lessons. *
Far too slow, or far too fast -- I was either bored or I couldn't keep up.
How helpful were the digital writing tools Mr. Karpie provided? (Evidence accrual forms, evidence spreadsheets, online graphic organizers, peer-editing form and feedback.) *
These tools got in the way of writing, it would be easier to do writing using only paper.
These tools were very useful to my writing process.
How helpful was the data Mr. Karpie provided? (class competitions for proficiency, tracking progress towards goals, etc.) *
Useless, I ignored it all.
It was helpful to know how our team was progressing.
Click the box next to any type of lesson that was particularly useful to you. *
**By "useful" I mean you learned from this lesson, NOT that it gave you time to try to sleep or mess around with friends!
Click the box next to any type of lesson that was USELESS to you. *
**By "useless" I mean you did not learn from this lesson.
Overall, how would you rank Mr. Karpie as a teacher? *
Don't pick "1" just because the word "excrement" is funny to say.
Useless -- I would have learned more from a lump of elephant excrement.
Fantastic -- Mr. Karpie should be given a raise of a million billion dollars.
Write a brief but EVIDENCE BASED response explaining what Mr. Karpie did well as a teacher this year. *
Write a brief but EVIDENCE BASED response explaining what Mr. Karpie should change about his teaching for next year. *
Be honest: it's not mean to help me improve.You won't hurt my feelings.
Please write any additional comments or thoughts about this year that might help Mr. Karpie continue improving, or keep up the work he's doing well. *
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME! I will read all responses carefully whether or not your name is here, but if you want me to know that you were the one sharing these opinions, feel free to share your name. Including your name will not negatively or positively affect your grade in any way.
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