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JHU has indicated they believe graduate workers should not have recourse to an effective grievance procedure, OIS office, and more. Over 2,000 grad workers voted otherwise. At future bargaining sessions, we anticipate inviting workers harmed or failed by existing JHU policies to give a testimonial and/or observe negotiations. We are especially grateful for international students, workers who have attempted to use JHU grievance and non-discrimination policies, and workers who have experienced unsafe work environments.
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I agree to attend a briefing on bargaining with BC members 30 minutes prior to the start of the bargaining session and understand that not attending disqualifies me from being able to observe the session.
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I agree to attend a 30 minute debriefing session with BC members at 7 pm on the day of the bargaining session. In the case that the session runs later than 7 pm, I will make myself available at another time for a debrief. I recognize that declining to attend disqualifies me from being able to observe the session.
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