Zira Partnership Application
Using this form, you can apply for your guild to be a Zira Partner!

What is a Zira partner? Well, let me tell you!

As a Zira Partner, you'll be listed in our partners page (once it is done with our site redesign) with a server invite, as well as you'll receive free premium for the entire period that you remain a partner, as well as special access and premium support directly from the developers, via messaging our exclusive- partner only modmail bot you find in our support server.

As you continue in the partner program we may even offer more perks such as the ability to gain commission on premium subscriptions that you refer to us, premium versions (seperate from the public version) of the bot for your own use, or even a private hosted version of Zira, if you're a top of the line partner.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg, become a partner today and find out what else is in store!

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