Out of District Election Support Intake Form
Thank you for reaching out to extend your offer of support to the California-48 District! We are hopeful and excited to take on this challenge, but it is not going to happen without LOTS of hard work. And so we are grateful for your help!

We know you all have strong experience in the skills we need and have many hands willing to help, so we want to help direct this energy into actions that reflect our deep understanding of CA-48. We have developed a "menu" of activities for you to select from: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BjfpILQu-rRoyUlL8aI7qf9IQXCEHSGZ2qZqFybD93g/edit?usp=sharing

Please fill out the following form on behalf of your volunteers so we can better understand how to utilize your resources. Thank so much and please feel free to contact us at resist@ioc48.com for any help. Once we receive this information we will follow up with the primary contact to provide some actions for your group to choose from.

Thank you!!

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What type of activity would your group be willing to undertake (see list of needed activities attached in email)? *
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