Yantra Yoga beginners course with Magdalena Ourecka, 21. - 23.7.2017, Merigar East, Romania
When: 21. - 23.7.2017

Where: Merigar East, Romania


GPS 43.911195, 28.612475000000018

How to get to Merigar East by car from Bucharest:


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The course is open to anybody who is interested in Yantra Yoga!

Yantra Yoga is the oldest system which was transmitted from Masters to students in terms of the Tibetan tradition. We can find its roots in the 4th Century when it was transmitted by the Master Humkara to Guru Padmasambhava who introduced the Tantric Buddhism into Tibet.
The specific aspect of Yantra Yoga is the synchronization of movement and breathing in rhythmic sequences. By means of physical positions we control the breathing - energy and through controlling the energy we can control the mind. Thus we can develop our health and at the same time on the level of the mind we can reach our natural condition - total relaxation.
The Union of Sun and Moon Yantra was first transmitted in the Western world in the early seventies by the Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

More information in English you can find here:

Magdalena Ourecka comes from the Czech Republic. She met her master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu for the first time in this life in 2006. Since that time she follows His Teachings and is devoted to Yantra Yoga as well as to other Dzogchen practices. In 2016 she was authorized as a Yantra Yoga First Level instructor.

In this course we will learn the preliminaries and basics of Yantra Yoga, specifically:

Warm Ups
The Vairocana Posture
Pranayama of Nine Purification Breathings
Tsigjong (Loosening the joints)
Lungsang (Purifying the Prana)
Vajra Wave

The donation for the course is 50 Euro. For registering you need to make an advance payment of 20 Euros (non-refundable starting 30 days before the beginning of the retreat)

For the possibilities on how to donate please visit the website here:


The schedule of the course:

Friday 21.7.2017 - Sunday 23.7.2017

9AM - 12AM and

15PM - 18PM

Don´t forget to take with you comfortable clothes, sun lotion, sun glasses and a hat:)

You can use the Merigar East dormitory or camping. The price for one night in the dormitory is 5 Euro , in the camping 2 Euro.
For reserving your accommodation contact directly Alexandru Anton - +4 0727 958 853; blue.me@dzogchen.ro

We will cook from collective supplies. If you are interested in cooking together, please bring your favourite ingredients:)
If not, you can use the restaurants on the beach nearby.

For questions and other information please contact:
Alexandru Anton - +4 0727 958 853; blue.me@dzogchen.ro

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For making accomodation reservation contact directly Merigar East Blue Gakyil, Alexandru Anton - +4 0727 958 853; blue.me@dzogchen.ro
Would you like to have food with others?
If yes please bring some ingredients for collective cooking!
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