Exceptional Gentlemen
This is not a competition, but rather an opportunity for exceptional young men to participate and gain abilities through the Miss Exceptional Program. Exceptional Gentlemen is for boys and young men ages 5-21. The fee is $20 to participate. Fees can be paid at www. missexceptional.org and sponsorships are available by emailing missexceptionalwa@gmail.com
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I understand this is not a competition and I agree by all the rules set forth by Miss Exceptional. I understand my child's picture may be used in advertising. I will not hold the Directors, the venue, or Exceptional Families Network responsible for any loss or injury during the course of this event or while traveling to/from any events that are held while representing Miss Exceptional/Exceptional Gentlemen. I understand that winners may need to purchase additional clothing items during their year of service but all efforts will be made to keep these costs at a minimum. *
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I would like to participate in fundraising for the Exceptional Families Network (a 501c3)
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