Custom made form for aizome products オーダーメイドフォーム
Thank you for filling out our custom-made form.

All aizome products are handmade and are many steps in the making. Products take 7~14 days to create, delivery time is depended on postal services. We hope you enjoy aizome products.

We will reply to your form within a few days from, however please check your junk mail box if you have not heard from us.

Please understand we will not accept any cancellations after you order.

Best regards,

Yuki Tessler

NOTE: Maximum size of whole letters will be within A4 size. Our Japanese Calligrapher, Yusui will contact you for details.





注意:すべての文字はA4サイズに収まる大きさとなります。書道家Yusui が後ほど直接コンタクトを取って詳細を決めていきます 
Name/お名前(アルファベット表記でお願いします) *
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Which products would you like to order OR Which product have you ordered on website? /どの商品をオーダーされますか?またどの商品をウェブサイトでオーダーされましたか? *
If you choose Furoshiki(35cm/50cm) ,Canvas or TENUGUI, What kind of Letters/words would you like ?風呂敷、キャンバス、または手拭いを選択された方、どんな文字がご希望ですか?
If you choose Snood/スヌード,
Flower of Life
Half Right/右半分
Half Left/左半分
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If you choose Snood, What kind of Letters/words would you like ?スヌードを選択の方、どんな文字がご希望ですか?
If you choose NOREN, how many pieces would you like?暖簾を選択の方、何枚ご希望ですか?
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If you choose Noren with letters, what kind of Letters/words would you like and please let us know sort order ?暖簾を選択の方、どんな文字がご希望ですか、また並びをご指定ください?
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How do you find Japan workshop? どのようにお知りになりましたか? *
Is there any questions ? 質問等ございましたらご記入ください
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