Chicago VeganMania 2018 SPONSOR Information & Application
If you are interested in a booth that is not a dedicated sponsor area on the map, please contact Sandi at ASAP. The first round of requests closes Sunday, August 19th at 11:59pm (CST), so get your application in ASAP for best booth locations!

You will need to have your application in no later than Saturday, September 29th to be listed in the program. All applications received after Saturday, September 29th will be subject to a $50 rush fee, if booths are still available.

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•This agreement is for SPONSORS only. This agreement is for all levels of sponsorship, including sponsors who wish to exhibit.

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Why your company should partner with Chicago VeganMania
• Chicago VeganMania is the Midwest’s biggest, boldest, and most anticipated vegan event. We expect over 5,000 attendees in 2018.

• Our giant food court (with 20+ vendors) draws thousands of enthusiastic vegan and vegan-curious attendees who are ready to eat. The food court generated nearly $50,000 in sales in 2017, over a seven-hour period.

• Our 24,000 square foot exhibit hall draws thousands of people who are eager to try the latest vegan products and services. A large percentage of these people are non-vegans who are interested in the vegan lifestyle and particularly vegan products. Our sponsors are set up in the prime booth locations that we know will get the heaviest traffic.

• Each year we attract some of the leading luminaries of the vegan world who give inspirational presentations in our Main Speaker Room. This room is available for sponsor naming rights.

• Meanwhile, top local and national chefs work their magic at our state-of-the-art Chef Demo Kitchen, and local singer-songwriters and musical groups entertain attendees on the music stage in our Culture Café. There are so many activities throughout our event that most people hang around all day in this immersive, empowering experience.

• The opportunity to have your logo on our Premiere Photo Wall Backdrop. Photos are shared on social media by us and attendees.

Premiere Photo Wall
See all Premiere Photo Wall images here:

An enticing red carpet leads to an area our photographer and thousands of smartphone-wielding attendees will be immortalizing their friends' grand entrances with portraits in front of the Premiere Photo Wall.
These images will be streamed across the world via Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages of tech-savvy and image aware attendees.
We will be prominently displaying and promoting hashtags for participants to use as they share these memorable images across social media. A professional photographer will be on site, capturing people using their own smartphones and taking posed photos.
These images will be displayed in a special feature section of the Chicago VeganMania website, which is visited year-round.
Best of all, the step and repeat wall will be emblazoned with the Chicago VeganMania 10 logo, as well as the logos of our top sponsors. Your brand could be associated with one of the most exciting vegan events in the country as well as a whole lot of healthy, happy people who are a part of your target audience, including many people with large fan bases.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Event Information
Chicago VeganMania (CVM)
Date: Saturday, October 13, 2018
Time: 10am - 5pm
Location: Broadway Armory - 5917 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660
Contact us: or (312) 967-9930
Hours of Operation
Exhibit tables must be fully staffed and open and must remain fully staffed and prepared to interact with attendees on Saturday, October 13th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Mission, Values & Vision Statement
The mission of Chicago VeganMania is to celebrate, unite, promote, and strengthen the diverse vegan culture, economy, and community of Chicago and beyond. We provide a platform and audience for vegan businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals through a series of innovative programs and events culminating in an exciting, inspirational, and fun annual weekend event.

We condemn the killing, injuring, enslavement, and/or exploitation of all living beings. The core human values of justice, equality, peace, freedom, compassion, and goodwill are consistent with and paramount to these values, thus we believe that all violence and exploitation, even if committed by others in our community, is not to be excused or tolerated.

We acknowledge and value the larger community, and we recognize that each of us is on our own path. We welcome everyone into our events, including those whose values are different from our own, as long as there is reciprocated respect. We present our culture, economy, and community in the spirit of sharing, with goodwill toward all.

Our vision is to help create a world based on compassion, peace, and respect for all living beings, where everyone has a sincere appreciation for the interconnectedness of life.

Set Up/Breakdown
SETUP: Exhibitors are responsible for setup and breakdown of their exhibits: There will be limited volunteer assistance for unloading. Set up availability begins at 6:15 am on Saturday, October 13th. Setup must be completed by 9:30 am on Saturday, October 13th for all vendors. The doors to the load in area will be shut at 9:30 am. CVM will have personnel on site from 6 am until the close of the event. Load in and out is located through the loading doors located at 5917 N Broadway, Chicago, IL.

BREAKDOWN: Equipment load out begins at 5:00 pm. ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY BREAKDOWN WILL BE PERMITTED. All materials must be removed from the grounds by 7:00 pm on Saturday, October 13th.

Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their own property and equipment at all times. While limited security personnel will be on duty at all times during the event, no security personnel will be assigned specifically to Exhibitors. By signing this Agreement, Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that Chicago VeganMania is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to any property left on the Event grounds at any time.
All Exhibitors are encouraged to promote Chicago VeganMania through their websites, newsletters, e-mailings, calendars, and other opportunities as available.
Photo Release
All Exhibitors grant Chicago VeganMania permission to use and/or replicate photographs and video taken during the event for the purpose of publishing in newsletters, the organization’s website, for fundraising, outreach, and educational materials.
Exhibiting Requirements and Expectations
•More than 5,000 attendees are anticipated. Please plan accordingly.
•Samples and sales are welcome as listed and approved by Chicago VeganMania in the Application Form and must be vegan. “Show Special” discounts are encouraged. Please see the food vendors section for more details on any edible items.
•Nonprofit groups may also solicit memberships.
•Exhibit displays and signs must be on tables or freestanding (with advance permission). Banners cannot be taped to walls.
•Signage should be legible, easily visible, and identifying of the organization or business.
•Exhibitors will not interfere with the safety, success, and effectiveness of Chicago VeganMania. This includes, but is not limited to, behavior, display materials, literature, venue equipment, or operations, unusual odors, noise level, or extending beyond exhibitor space and/or blockage of public passageways.
•All garbage, recycling, and compost must be placed in appropriate containers in accordance with the recycling guidelines. A $50 cleaning fee may be assessed to any areas not left clean.
•Electricity is by pre-arrangement only. You must bring your own extension cords.
•Subletting exhibit space in part or in its entirety is not permitted.
•Bottled/boxed water sales are NOT PERMITTED except by CVM or approved water sponsor.
Vegan Definition
-Vegan is defined as being free of any animal ingredients or processes that harm or exploit animals.
-Animal ingredients include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, wool, leather, fur, silk, shells, and anything else that is animal in origin.
-No products will be allowed that have been tested on animals.
-The promotion of events or services that include the exploitation of animals, including circuses, rodeos, zoos, etc. is strictly forbidden.
-All literature and other information displayed or distributed must only include vegan products and services.

*Chicago VeganMania reserves the right to exclude any items that it judges to be inappropriate. Any non-vegan or inappropriate items must be removed from vendor stalls and failure to comply may result in the vendor’s ejection from the event.
Full payment of the exhibitor fee is required after application approval for your booth reservation to be confirmed. We accept PayPal and checks only.

PAYPAL: After your application is approved, a PayPal invoice with your assigned table will be emailed to the email on your application. Your table will be held for 48 hours, then released if payment is not received.

CHECK: If paying by check, you must email or call Sandi Swiss at or 312-967-9930 stating that you will be paying by check, along with your company name and booth number. If the check along with copy of the application has not been received in 10 business days, the booth will be released for other vendors to purchase.
*You must include the name of your business and booth number assignment in the notes section of payment to insure proper booth assignment.

All checks must be mailed to Chicago VeganMania, PO Box 7192 Chicago IL 60680.

Questions can be directed to Sandi Swiss at OR (312) 967-9930.

It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to secure and maintain all applicable licenses, including a Health Department License, if applicable, to sell its products and services to the public. By signing this Agreement, the Exhibitor hereby acknowledges it has complied with all applicable state and county licensing requirements. A copy of the current license and health department inspection forms shall be provided by all food vendors.
All sponsors, exhibitors, and food vendors must provide a Certificate of Insurance covering their activities on-site in the amount of at least $500,000 to Chicago VeganMania prior to event.

ADDITIONAL INSURED: Chicago VeganMania Inc AND Chicago Park District
EVENT LOCATION: 5917 N Broadway Ave, Chicago, IL 60660
CERTIFICATE HOLDER: Chicago VeganMania Inc c/o Sandi Swiss P.O. Box 7192 Chicago, IL 60680

Please forward an email copy with subject line "Insurance for CVM" prior to the day of event to

Liability Disclaimer
Exhibitors are participating at their own risk. Exhibitors recognize that Chicago VeganMania, the Chicago Park District, and any of the other sponsors, donors, or participants for Chicago VeganMania are not responsible for any loss, damage, or mishaps to their materials, equipment, volunteers, or staff.
Chicago VeganMania and their directors, officers, staff volunteers and members (collectively, the “hosts”) expressly disclaim and Exhibitor assumes all liability and responsibility for all claims, losses, theft, spoilage, damages, personal injury or property damage that arise from Exhibitor’s participation in and hosts’ hosting of Chicago VeganMania, including hosts’ negligence, breach of contract or duty or other acts or omissions within (other than hosts’ willful misconduct). Exhibitor will maintain sufficient insurance to protect itself and hosts from liability, damages or losses arising out of its participation in Chicago VeganMania, including from its own acts or omissions and those of the hosts or any third party. Except for hosts’ willful misconduct, Exhibitor agrees to indemnify host (including their attorneys’ fees and costs of defense) from any claims arising out of Exhibitor’s participation in Chicago VeganMania. In no event shall host be liable for incidental consequential or punitive damages or for failure of equipment, power failures, weather, acts of God, acts of government, acts of third parties, pests, criminal acts or vandalism, accident, fire or other causes not attributable to any host’s willful misconduct.
Rules and Guidelines
Sponsor/Exhibitor agrees to abide by and conform to rules and guidelines of Chicago VeganMania in addition to those contained in this application. Failure to abide by CVM rules and guidelines or the requirements set forth in this application, are grounds for denial or closure of Sponsor/Exhibitor’s table at Chicago VeganMania.
Agreement Acceptance
This Agreement shall be signed by the Sponsor/Exhibitor and returned to Chicago VeganMania. The Sponsor amount is due after application is approved by Chicago VeganMania.
Sponsor/Vendor agrees to sell/sample/display VEGAN products only. (see definition above) *
Please identify all products that you will be selling/exhibiting at Chicago VeganMania. CVM reserves the right to exclude any items that management judges to be inappropriate. **Please note that if you are selling or offering samples of any food products, they must be in a factory sealed package or prepared in a certified commercial kitchen and not require refrigeration. *
Your answer
Sponsor/Vendor agrees that any apparel, jewelry, or other product that promotes rape culture, cultural appropriation, sexism, ablesim, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, racist or oppressive messaging will NOT be sold, displayed or worn at CVM. *
Sponsor/Vendor agrees not to sell, bring, or wear any products that are any variation of "All Lives Matter." *
Booth Options
Sponsor booths are PURPLE and notated with S(number) on the map.
A red triangle indicates a public facing.
A yellow lightning bolt indicates electricity.
If you are a restaurant, choose one or more BLUE Food Court Booths depending on your sponsorship level.

A LARGER and most current version of the map can be viewed here:
Booth Selection (see map above)
The most current booth availability can be found here.
Please note your 1st and 2nd booth choice below. *
Your answer
Do you need electricity? If yes, please select a booth with the yellow lighting bolt that indicates electricity. *
If you need electricity, a FULL LIST of all electrical appliances with voltage will be required upon application approval to guarantee we will have the proper electric for all vendors.
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Legal Name of Business *
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D/B/A Name *
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Tax ID# *
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Email address: *
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Mailing Address *
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Contact Phone: *
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Website of Company/Business *
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Description of Product/Service *
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I would like to include an item for attendee swag bags and/or the volunteer lounge. All donations will be acknowledged in the event guide. Please have someone contact me. *
Sponsorship Amount *
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Sponsorship Level *
I have read and agree to abide by the terms of the event information/agreement above.
Your typed name and the date below will be your agreement.
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