nz.js(con); 2021 diversity and financial aid fund - application form
Please provide us with some information to help us get you accepted into the program.

Our final set of approvals will be contacted by the 12th of May.

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Due to the international travel situation, only applicants currently in New Zealand will be accepted this year.
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Do you consider yourself to be part of an under-represented group in tech?
We acknowledge that there are often systematic things that discourage participation for many groups of people in the tech industry, and we are especially keen to reach out with assistance to these groups as part of this financial aid program. Do you identify as:
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What assistance would make it possible for you to attend? *
We realise that this can be tricky, as flight costs etc. do change over time, but if you can outline what sorts of things you need support with and your estimate of how much money you'll need for those, that helps us in our funds allocation, and we can usually tweak things further as needed upon your acceptance. For example: "I live locally and just need help with a ticket", or "I live in Auckland and need help with flights and accommodation. A return flight looks like it will be about $180 plus $20 for the airport bus. I need two nights of accommodation - a hotel room looks like it will be about $250 for two nights. I also need help with a ticket for the conference."
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