Parking Registration Form 2020-2021(Waukesha South High School)
Parking permits can be purchased by semester ($100.00) or yearly ($200.00). You must pick up the actual permit in the administration office. If paying by credit card, you must pay through Infinite Campus. If paying in person, we can only accept cash or check. Daily permits do not need to be registered and can be purchased for $5.00 per day in the administration office.

** DUE TO COVID** 1st Semester Parking Fees will be $50 due to the Hybrid Model of Learning. In December we will switch back to $100/semester if we are full-time face to face.

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If paying by cash or check, please see Ms. D'Angelo in the administrative office. If paying by credit card, please leave confirmation number from Infinite Campus below.
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This is the credit confirmation number ONLY if you paid in Infinite Campus
Parking Regulations
Parking a vehicle on school grounds is a privilege. This privilege may be suspended or revoked at any time and is the prerogative of the school administration. Refunds of parking fees are not given if the permit is suspended, revoked, lost, or stolen. Replacement of stolen or lost permits is $100 per semester. Parking privileges can be suspended or revoked or fines assessed for, but not limited to the following: Reckless Driving, Speeding, Truancies, Unexcused Tardiness, Contributing to the truancy/ tardiness of another student, Using vehicle during the school day without prior approval of school administration, Remaining in Parking Lots during school hours, Occupying or allowing others to occupy vehicle during the school day, Not parking in designated student space, Parking in non-student parking areas, more than one space, or improper display of permit or no permit will be ticketed by the Waukesha Police Department, Noncompliance with school rules, Altercations with students and/or staff, Acts of poor judgment resulting in disciplinary action, Non¬payment of outstanding school fees. Motor vehicles, and their contents and containers, driven to school and on school premises, are subject to search.
I have read all rules associated with parking privileges at Waukesha South High School. I hereby agree to abide by all rules; in addition, I will not transport other students to and from school without their parents’ approval. *
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