Application for "Success with Rental Properties" Complete 1:1 Coaching & Training Program"
The Success with Rental Properties Coaching & Training Program is for aspiring real estate investors looking to purchase their FIRST rental property or who maybe have one accidental rental but are clueless on how to get the second one successfully.

This program is for Action-Takers and those who are serious and ready to get their first rental property quickly. This is an intensive program of online course material, homework, accountability and 1:1 coaching directly with me, and me only. This program is designed to get you results. I have a 100% satisfaction rate with my students.

Due to the 1:1 nature of this program and the amount of time I dedicate to working with my students, spots are very limited and only become available to qualified applicants once a previous student has completed the program.

I'd love for you to feel what the freedom of passive income can do for you and your family now, and in retirement. I have students in contract on their first rental property by their 3rd week of the program and have even closed and started making passive income by the 5th week! If you're ready to do this, I'm with you!
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How soon are you looking to get started? (I expect those who speak with me (who feel it’s a fit), to move forward ASAP on the call). I am looking for action takers and students who are serious about getting the help they need, and willing to put in the work. *
What days and times are best for you to talk via zoom? Much of my week consists of coaching students, so please provide all of your availability so I can arrange a time that works for both of us. :) *
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