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I'm so glad you've found your way here to connect with other moms.
Learn more here: www.parentsintoto.org/empowering-moms

So what is our program? It's called Empowering Moms and it is a new program through Parents in Toto, a nonprofit located north of Pittsburgh in Zelienople. Parents in Toto is stepping beyond the autism support groups we have historically focused on and expanding to meet additional family needs. Our Empowering Moms program embraces the community-based, support-giving and empowerment-focused "toto-way" and is for families as they begin! Specifically for us moms.

This program provides support groups to new moms in the first years of parenting. We want to help moms gain confidence and community at a time that can be overwhelming and exhausting. And we always have room for more moms. New mom groups occur weekly on Zoom and a few times a month in-person. You do not need to be local to participate. We also have monthly calls for moms who are back to work, in the toddler years or want to connect on additional parenting topics. In addition we have a Facebook group open to you to extend our community of support. I'm really proud of how encouraging and accepting it is.

So who am I? I'm Megan Shane- Program Manager AND a mom of three. One is now 12 and the other is 9 going on 19! AND we just welcomed a third the beginning of June 2021! Yep- for real :D. I'm a mental health therapist with a variety of background experience. Before I had children I worked as a behavioral and emotional therapist with kids and families facing a wide array of challenges. That time gave me a lot of awareness of how to implement systems and supports in my own home and for new parents too. Though, having my own kids gave me a LARGE dose of perspective of the realities and challenges we face. I started facilitating new mom's support groups in person in 2016. I LOVED it right away. This program will always be based in supporting the transition into motherhood, and we can expand and meet dynamic needs.
My passion is to help moms support one another and continue to grow- Even in these unusual circumstances.

Parents in Toto, a community non-profit, helps us to ensure groups are supported and accessible. There is always the encouragement and opportunity to donate or sponsor support so that groups can continue to be a resource to you and other moms. And volunteers rock too as we seek funding and fundraising opportunities to sustain the program and ways to support our community. It's really important that these groups are accessible to all moms. (And with them being also online, we aren't restricted to local moms!)

Thanks for coming along and helping us to connect with even more moms!

If you know of a mom who needs to plug into our groups, please send them the link to complete this form. (http://bit.ly/momgroupsignup) This way they can get the invites to the group. New moms should not feel alone in the early weeks, months or the life transitions to come! And we now include expecting moms in that too!

The information you provide here will help me email group invites weekly to these groups:
A weekly call for moms in the first year of parenting.
Toddler Mom calls every other week.
Evening calls for moms who are working or occupied during the day.
In-person, daytime, meet ups for New moms and babies.
In-person evening meet ups for Mom's Night.
Monthly workshops on a variety of topics.

In-person opportunities are at Parents in Toto in Zelienople (143 S. Main St Zelienople, PA 16063) where we will follow CDC and Butler county protocols. The schedule and call links will be sent out each week- most likely with some form of accompanying deep thought from me. (HA! ;-))

You can also opt into getting texts from me weekly so you can keep track of joining us. (Especially since time warp during every day running together or being victims of mom brain is a real challenge!) If you would like to get a text with a reminder to the group(s) you want to attend, please text me "Moms group" at 412-748-0406 and then we can make a plan!

With Zoom based groups, you can join us from home, no worries about packing all the things for the babies and it's DEFINITELY come as you are to groups (always has been and always will be). Actually, during these groups you can even hop on and off if you need to put a little one down for nap. And fussy kids are not a deterrent!

Please email with any questions or come to the groups with them!
Add me to your contacts: Megan@parentsintoto.org

See you there.
Blessings, Megan
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